Temporary email address against spam

To prevent spam, you can create a temporary (disposable) email address at temporarymailaddress.com for free. Once a temporary email address is created, all emails sent to this address will immediately be sent to your own address. Your disposable email address will automatically be deleted when lifetime is over and you will no longer receive emails from your temporary disposable email address.

Why use a temporary email address?

Have you ever been to a website where you had to register before you could access certain parts of that website, or access a forum? Usually, you have to register with an email address to recieve an activation link, password, and / or username. Are you afraid that your email address will be misused for spam? Use a free temporary disposable email address via temporarymailaddress.com!

To create a temporary email address, enter your own email address. Then choose the lifetime of your temporary email address and after you have accepted the terms, click “Continue”.

Generate your temporary email address

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